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when somebody makes a cracker of a joke, creating a glory moment similar to the epic feeling of stopping a motorbike on the edge of a cliff, then 'falls off' in the process of making another, this time lame, joke, as they go for too much glory.
Person #1: "You're so gay you make a circle look straight"

Crowd: "HA HA HA"

Person #1 (Feeling cocky): you're so gay you make a gay man look straight

Crowd: ...

Person #1's friend: "Mate, you just cliffed it"
by stilltryingforwordoftheday May 06, 2009
When a passive-aggressive gets angry, and uses an excessive amount of sarcasm and reverse-psychology to completely obliterate and own an instigator. often completely unwarranted or over the top, and has an element of rant. the level of sourness displayed leaves a flavour in your mouth similar to that felt after eating a toxic waste lolly, renowned for their sourness and bitterness.
*In a classroom, harry chatting to mate*

Teacher to Harry: "go on harry, why don't you speak a bit louder, because i just don't think you are speaking loud enough, and in any case i think what you have to say about your pathetic weekend must be more important than the english lesson i am trying to give, especially once you consider that you will only need to know english for the rest of your life. in fact, why dont you come up to the front and take over the lesson, while we all patiently listen. come on. no? why not? you seemed to be enjoying talking over the top of me. well, here's your chance, i won't even try to speak while you are. go on...

*blah blah blah*

*awkward silence in class, harry mumbles non-committal reply*

Mate to harry: "dude, you just got toxically wasted. i think i'm gonna be sick from the sourness of that rant"
by stilltryingforwordoftheday May 22, 2009
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