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The Slurred Puerto Rican Version of Pussy; vigina
You guys are major poosays!
by Chris October 16, 2003
54 24
n. One who lacks sack.
Person 1: He totally chickened out.
Person 2: What a poosay.
by Woody S. October 23, 2006
23 15
1) A cocks best friend

2) A place to dump CUM
3) Best when WET

WARNING: the poo say is not always fresh, avoid the poo say at first sign of foul odor! Some woman may try to use the poo say to get what they want, and on weaker men this is a highly effective tactic.

ALSO it is common that one may eat the poo say
I woke up this morning and my cock still smells like Poo Say.
by RainmanRob May 12, 2010
9 3