Witty, sharp, and quick.

This word is often used when one can't top a friend's joke or comeback.
Henrietta: A thought just crossed my mind...

Bennifer: It must've been a long and lonely journey.

Henrietta (sarcastically): Clever.
by Fourhand451 September 12, 2010
Top Definition
Describing someone smart,intelligent or witty
opposite of dumb
''man he's really clever!''
by sweet jesus October 08, 2006
1. Intellegent
2. Healthy
He didn't look too clever after he'd had that spliff
by spuffa March 01, 2005
Someone that knows what he feels
I see understand myself and i understand everyone else
by Antonios February 03, 2004
Korean is very clever speies.
They can make everything and it is so nice that can't worry about recall
Computer that made in Korea is very small and have various funtion

Their cellular phone is so nice that can call to friend in other country.
by Chan hun September 04, 2003
very drunk and excessively vocal. Often pronounced.."cle-var" esp. with reference to middle-aged women after several large glasses of Pinot Grigio
"Did you see whatshername the other night?...She was so fucking clever"
by Tibmaster June 21, 2006
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