A slang term for where a lost item has gone or on its way to.
1. Quoted from the 1990 film Die Hard 2: Die Harder

Where is your ID?

On his way to Cleveland.

2. Question someone asks: Where did that car go? Cleveland? Or around the back of the lot.

by Nicholas Weiner April 27, 2008
To Cleveland is a verb meaning lost in a dump, but looking for a way out. Cleveland was a Hobo destination, particularly in the Kings Run area, and became known as a way station for those who coudn't find a ride out of town. The many scatological references to Cleveland got their start from the Hobo Community
Cleveland me out of this shit-hole town.I gotta catch a ride outa here!
by transendit November 13, 2010
adj. a substitution for any derogatory term such as bitch, cunt, or fag.

n. feces
Dude GayFag is so Cleveland for not staying at Cornell last night.

I have to go drop a massive Cleveland right now.
by napalm650 November 15, 2009
A place where raging homosexuals like to go to have gay butt sex with morbidly obese men of their liking.
My gay friend really needs to hook up with someone.
You should take him to Cleveland, he'll get plenty there
by Meguydudeman58 May 24, 2010
term used in place of $1000.00 in U.S. currency due to the fact that Grover Cleveland was printed on the original but now discontinued one thousand dollar bill. Often used in plural form 'clevelands'
I guess you could say I'm a bit short, 'bout five clevelands.
by Julian Frances July 20, 2005
This town fucking sucks.
"I live in Cleveland *jumps*"
by Mini Nate September 14, 2009
he is a mean teacher and a mean person! he will never be nice JERKJERK JERK JERK
he hold grudges and picks faviortes!!! JERK JERK
TEACHER- Hey your to outgoing I DONT LIKE YOU!

STUDENT- well your mean and a jerk your a CLEVELAND
by BALLINBABE February 08, 2009
When a girl's shirt shows off a lot.
Did you see the top she's wearing? Total Cleveland.
by arottenapple22 June 27, 2006

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