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Amazing seaside resort in North East Lincolnshire, England. Yorkies fuckin love the place and think it's heaven.
I had one tart sat on me face and another bouncing on me dick, I felt like I was in Cleethorpes!!!
by bazevans September 20, 2011
9 1
I used to live just outside Cleethorpes, and some wise-ass broke and re-arranged the letters on one of those old wooden direction/mileage signs from CLEETHORPES to CLITHERPES. Just thought I'd share that with you.
1970s holiday-makers' advert: "Come to Cleethorpes - it's better than fucking Spain!" Clearly aimed at ignorant Yorkies.
by Donkey Kong September 14, 2004
28 8
another coastal town of england which is right next to fuckin GY
oh god not fuckin cleethorpes again mum
by ED WINCHESTER May 14, 2003
14 11