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A phrase which must be exclaimed after successfully leaping over a substantial obstacle (i.e. curbs, stairs, signs, various household pets). Highly encouraged, however not limited, to be declared when in a state of extreme intoxication.
"Exactly how drunk is he right now?"
"Well, his "Cleared It" count is now up to 254"
by Chiff Deeplomat April 29, 2012
To leave in a hurry; get out of somewhere FAST.

Background info.: Is usually used in the DADE County area of Miami, FL.
Kip: Yo! We juz jacked da corner store on 75th!
T.*: Ha, Ha! How da hell'd y'all make it back so damn fast?
Kip: Easy mane, we straight cleared it on dey ass!
by tBeezi* March 26, 2010