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A state at which one feels confined aurally.

Being confined by sound either due to illness, size of the room, acoustics or loud noises.
"The room was small and claustrophonic."

"While I was voicing in studio, it became claustrophonic due to my allergies."

"She wouldn't stop screaming and I became claustrophonic."

"This theatre is a bit claustrophonic."
#claustrophobic #audio claustrophobia #clostrophobia #deafening #feeling confined by sound
by Daphne Lanolin January 18, 2011
When you're on the phone with a person and you feel anxiety and trapped because they keep talking even after you said you have to go.
I was talking to Adrian and told her I had to go. But she just kept going on and on. I got all claustrophonic and just hung up!
by Roman Wolf April 20, 2016
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