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Something that is unclean/disgusting. West of Scotland version of the word.
That bin is totally clarty
by Jane Boulter April 02, 2003
North east english term for wet and muddy ground conditions
Oh no the ground is really Clarty out after all the rain
by Lisa griffin November 03, 2007
Messy as in dirty, or a messy activity.

Can also use "clart" as in something that is a pain to do.
Cleaning the oven is a right clarty job.

Filling in tax returns in a right clart.
by Sarzy September 17, 2003
Northern English phrase.

Meaning muddy or dirty.

Also something over the top or unecessary.
The ground is clarty today.

She's got a clarty name.
by Madensky July 31, 2011
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