A very very hippie-emo-human- no bullshit-non ignorant conservative vegetarian. The best person you will ever.
Dressed like a hobo and personally doesn't care. Loves her Doc Martins!

Takes no bullshit. If you want to loose your fingers just make her listen to rap.
Does not like pizza face.Walking Down William St. is a negative.
If you are a long hairred hippie...You're lucky it's what Clarkie's into.
"Hey Rob Pattinson, i just met this conservative vegetarian who hates rap!"
"No friggin way man! You Met Clarkie!"
"Hellsz Yea man!"
by ChinaBear December 24, 2008
Top Definition
The generic student at Clark University.

Bob Marley/neon posters/Sublime/anything weed related
Sitting on the grass
Mason jars

Hair cuts
The man
"Some white girl just told me that she understands the worlds race/social/globalization problems while holding her iPhone"
"Ah, must've been a Clarkie!"
by iwonderwhathappenedtocindy June 11, 2009
(n) A student at Clark University.
Two Holy Cross guys and a Clarkie walk into a bar...
by KazamaSmokers January 26, 2008
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