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A derogatory term for non-trans people. Often used to express frustration with the oppression faced by transfolk.
That stupid cissy keeps calling me he even though I have told him a thousand times to use xe.

Dan Savage is such a cissy when it comes to his double standards for transfolk.
by Morgyn B December 23, 2011
An asian teen girl that is a white girl at heart, with a perfect smile , beautiful curley hair and sucks at driving at the moment but will get better in time.
Person one : oman did you just see that girl ?
Person two : yeah , shes deffiently a Cissy.
by timothy7552 August 25, 2010
An asian teen girl who is super smart and has an obsession with Winne the Pooh. A Cissy owns Pooh erasers, dishes, pillows, bed sheets, towels, towel hangers and pencils. A Cissy will most likely have one Winnie the Pooh which she is particularly obsessed with. She will also never wash her Pooh. A Cissy is forever in love with ice cream. She is most likely to get a job at an ice cream shop such as DQ. A Cissy is a rare species, if you spot one, go about with caution.
Look at that girl with Winnie the Pooh, she's such a Cissy.
by BrapBrap November 10, 2012