Another word for hyphy and krunk. Acting crazy like an actual circus.
1. Man did you see Jamal he was on his circus man.

2. Man I stay circus ya dig?

by Sadiq May 06, 2007
When a woman sits on a man's face and he guesses her weight. Also, can be a man sitting on a woman's face. Sitting on one's face used as a sexual reference.
"Hey barb, you want to play circus? sit on my face and I will guess your weight"

"Circus circus Step right up and sit on down and barb will guess your weight"
by Slizzle Mcnizzle January 05, 2014
consist of four people that are loud, annoying, and non entertaining. They only care about themselves. May live at home with their moms, share a car with there moms, and have their moms do there laundry.
Sally was not entertained by the circus and demanded her money back.
by p.i.c.s. May 02, 2009
A place where children watch lions and tigers and bears. Herion addicts become "clowns", the floors and seats are sticky as hell and the popcorn and peanuts taste like shit.
I paid $10 to bring the kids to the circus...I'll pay $20 to get out of ever going again.
by BETTY CROCKER June 26, 2006
The time during the month that females turn crazy. They claim that their menstrual cycle is acting up, but there is no proof. Jars of red dye are given to all women around the world to help with this charade. Nothing actually happens during the circus, they just like to bitch about themselves and want attention.
Man 1: "Yo why was she such a cunt to me?"
Man 2: "Don't worry about it dude, it will pass, the circus is in town."
by theFox March 07, 2007
Theiving Scouse bastards that go round nicking anything in sight. Often targets for eggs and anything else that can be thrown. Genrally smelly people who keep wild animals in small cages. should be burnt down and the ashes pissed on.
Police, Bloody pikeys are back in town again.
Police, What do we do , are we supposed to keep order among the protesters?
Police, No, lets go join in and egg the circus out of our town !
by 93tb11 April 29, 2008
A Term for smoking marijuana.
"Yo dude lets hit up the circus!"
by CircusRingLeader November 20, 2009

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