You all know this girl, she's the girl you see in the Dictionary next to beautiful. She's that girl that you want to kiss all day. She's just that amazing girl that every guy likes, but she is loyal and stays only with one guy.
Friend 1: Hey i met this cool girl last night.

Friend 2: Oh cool, is it like a Cindy or just a one night stand? -__-

Friend 1:I'm pretty sure it's a Cindy. :D

Friend 2: Oo nice! :D
by sumboodeh April 29, 2011
A loving, beautiful girl who is very pretty, caring, and just absolutely amazing and wonderful.

Often dates Asian guys named Tim.
Person 1: Awhhhzz Cindy and Tim look so cute together!!
Person 2: For realz.
Person 3: I wanna be like them!
by TheSteakMan321v2 September 29, 2011
She's the best friend anyone could have. I'm lucky enough to have her as my friend! She is very crazy and so loveable! Her family treats me like one of their own children even though they have all girls, im included as one. Shes the middle child of 3 and both sisters are amazing! Shes the best friend anyone could have!
Sarah "Who's Cindy?"
Mackenzi "Shes my bestfriend"
Sarah "Ohh thats super cool"
by kenzik July 07, 2011
The girl that is just everything you want. She's cute, funny and is just the type of person you'd love to be around with. All the guys wanna date her and girls wanna be like her. She's the type of girl you'd really want to spend the rest of your life of. The type of girl that you want to keep close and never let go. When she's in a relationship, she's fully committed and won't even look at anyone else. She'll spend all her time with you and make you feel amazing.
guy1: she's unlike any girl i've seen
guy2: yep, she's a cindy.
by imreallyjustafgt September 24, 2014
A hyper english enthusiast who makes the sickest of innuendos. Horrible at comebacks, but good at humiliating people. Cindys perceives themselves as divine-looking -though this may not always be true- and believes that all men should bow down to her under female dominance of 'Girl Power'. Cindys are resourceful and extremely talented, and make great wingwomen.
That Cindy helped me with my relationship. She's friggin great. I'll buy her a cookie.
by Mike Bison May 03, 2014
a cindy is a funny,loud,pretty person. shes always texting and instagraming. sometimes she gets in trouble , but you got to love a cindy. shes that kind of best friend you can always trust and she will make u laugh.
did you see cindy yesterday?

omg yes shes so funny. i loved her jokes!
by kittycatloveu March 02, 2015
The "female" version of Jimmies (chocolate sprinkles).
I like my ice cream with lots of cindies.
by Katie555 September 10, 2006
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