Formed in 1968 by Clevland legend Paul Brown, the Bengals have a history of losing that they are trying to turn around. After a few playoff berths in the 1970s, the team had some amazing runs in the 1980s. They made the Super Bowl in 1981 and in 1988. Both years they had league leading quarterbacks- Ken Anderson the first time around and later Boomer Esiason. Both years they faced San Francisco for the title. And both years they lost in heartbreaking fashion. In 1990, the Bengals made the playoffs, and several months later, Paul Brown died. His son, Mike, ruined the franchise for many years. During the 1990s, this hapless team was nicknamed the 'Bungles' for their poor play on the field. In recent years, Brown appears to have gotten sick of losing. In 2005, the Cincinnati Bengals finally broke their steak of 14 straight years of missing the playoffs. Led by a young core, included quarterback carson Palmer, they made the playoffs, but were bounced in the first round by the champion Steelers.
"And Joe Montana has done it again! For the second time in his career, he has organized a fourth quarter comeback to beat the Cincinnati Bengals in the Super Bowl."
by Sports Info July 03, 2006
Top Definition
n. Ohio State Correctional System work release program.
They just sent another of the Cincinnati Bengals back to prison.
by Dan Weyandt October 04, 2007
do you even need to ask? back in the '80s, they went to 2 Super Bowls and were pretty good, then in '90 they made the playoffs...for the most recent time. They've sucked ever since
The Bengals are pathetic. They actually had a chance at the playoffs in '03 and blew it!
by Say What? March 23, 2004
a woman who has a nice body but a terrible face

-refers to the Cincinnati Bengals, who have nice jerseys but terrible looking helmets
look at that girl dude!
-wait till she turns around, she's a Cincinnati Bengal
by pissedoffNJ May 21, 2007
a team who wants to be part of the "popular crowd" but just can't seem to find leg warmers that fit.
The Cincinnati Bengals went to the mall to look for 2006-2007 uniforms, but Hanes doesn't make leg warmers in sizes
XXX crap.
by the cincinnati who? July 14, 2006
A Cincinnati Bengal is when one partner scoops poop out of their partner's behind, paints racing stripes on their partner's back, and then proceeds to have sexual intercourse with them doggy style.
"Hey Tommy, I gave Susie a real thick Cincinnati Bengal Last Night!" "That's great Billy, I love a good Cincinnati Bengal!"
by Tommy Thompsonson July 31, 2008
A synonym of butterface, meaning everything looks good but her face. The Cincinnati Bengal reference is used because the team has nice looking uniforms but horrible helmets
Damn, player I got the one on the left and you got the cincinnati bengal.
by Brandon Collet March 23, 2004
an insignificant team from the insignificant town of cincinnati, ohio, whose only tradition is losing. the fans think they are rivals with the browns and the steelers, but cleveland and pittsburgh hate each other and really dont care about them whatsoever. they stole the idea of the "dawg pound" and created "the jungle." they stole the "Terrible Towel" and created the "who dey hanky."
Bengals Fan: "I love my Cincinnati Bengals, and I can't wait for the Steeler's game. I hate them. WHO DEY!!!"
Steelers Fan: "Cincinnati Who?"
Bengals Fan: "I hate the Browns, lets go Bengals."
Browns Fan: "Cincinnati Who? FUCK PITTSBURGH."
by go browns November 15, 2006
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