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A person originally from the northeastern U.S. who retired to Florida only to later move "half way back" to the southern Appalachian mountains.
A couple of halfbacks bought the old farm on brushy fork. Say they're gonna raise pink flamingos or something like that.
#half-back #floridiot #flatlander #yankee #hillbilly
by some_backwards_hick May 13, 2008
Term used by Mid-Atlantic state locals to describe a Northerner (aka "Yankee") who moves to Florida to escape the cold winters; only to find it is too hot and moves half way back up the coast to the mid Atlantic states (NC, SC, VA). Typically used in a derogitory manner as is Yankee in many parts of the South.
Wife: Joe and Marge just moved into the neighborhood. They used to live in New Jersey, but moved here from Florida.

Husband: Damn half backs, why don't they stay up North in the first place.
#yankee #florida #new york #retired #city
by JBcatalog August 14, 2007
American Northerners (Yankees to Southerners) who move to the South, particularly Florida, who decide they can't stand the heat and humidity or hurricanes, and end up moving only half way back home, as in Tennessee, Georgia, SC, etc.
"This used to be a nice town, but it's being ruined by all the damn half-backs!"
#yankees #half back #southerner #damn yankee #redneck
by Berttn April 29, 2008
A flight where you fly over your destination to an airport out of the way to change planes and fly to your destination.
Man1:"I am flying from Pittsburgh to Atlanta, then changing planes to fly back northward to Asheville."

Man2: "So your doing a halfback."
#back track #back tracking #flyback #backwards flying #half back
by Tskillet June 14, 2009
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