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1. A person who over exaggerates relgion.

2. A person who puts Religion before there family. Not beyond the limits of comprehension but to the point where the family member becomes distant.

3. A person who is a complete maniac about whatever
Religion of they choose.

4. An over exaggerated, relgious person.
1. Speaker01: God makes blood red. God makes my car start up. God keeps the AIDS away from my penis. God even saved my life when I feel in quick sand one time.

Speaker02: No he did not. Blood is really clear, but turns red once it hits oxygen. Your car starts up, since it has gas.
You never had sex in your entire life. More importantly, You was watching a tv show, about how to survive quick sands, just minutes before falling into one. You my freind are a churchi.

2. Speaker01: Hey guy, what happen to your wife?

Speaker02: I divorced her, after she gave half of our retirment money, away to the nearby church.

Speaker01: Guy, your wife is such a churchi.

3. Speaker01: Spear the rod Spoil the child, that is what my father would allways say. Then he would go crazy and spank each of my siblings, especailly me. Yup my pa is a real churchi.

4. Speaker01: I never did it, the devil made me do it.

Speaker02: Stop being such a churchi. You knew what you were doing.
by RegalS September 25, 2009
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