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the place where you enter inexorbitant amounts of debt to "learn" things you will never apply once to your actual occupation. Basically, an expensive 4-year waiting period for a paper called "degree".
I will owe Wells Fargo my first born so I can pay off my college.
by Drenam February 02, 2003
An attractive young woman whom you drool over for any chance and you probably do. That is, if you don't mind serving time because she's underage.
The constant tease of the jailbait drove Freddy insane until he nailed it and went to jail.
by Drenam February 02, 2003
an intricate swiss-made watch often referred to "the museum watch" Has no numbers, because rich people do not have to be on time. They are usually the boss.
I was unable to tell Susie the time on my movado, it was half past the gold dot.
by Drenam February 02, 2003
A person entirely devoted to causes of their religious establishment, bypassing all matters of common sense.
The churchie spent all week in flea infested villages feeding poor children.
by Drenam April 14, 2003

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