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Seeing and meeting a person for the first time and immediately having a connection that not only transcends in the physical but most importantly in the spiritual. Its a feeling that you have always known that person, maybe from a past life, and automatically feel love for that person in the present. You want to be part of their lives and don't care of their past as an individual, but want to evolve with that person in a life together...in having a future together! It's an easy and effortless feeling to give every part of your soul to that person that you consider your soul-mate. Its a love that is more than physical but a love that is truely from God. A love that can overcome all obstacles and hardships in the relationsip...its trust, respect, kindness, honor, and faith.
You see that person for the first time and its not about their apperance, but a connection that is heart-sticken with possibility of being together and intertwineing into one. To share happiness, joy, saddness, hurt, and anything life throws at you. But you know that you can do it together and forever as a team...cause you have your soul-mate by your side.
by risa June 14, 2012
A fat person that really isn't fat.
Kyle and Heather.
Heather: I am fat
Me: no your not your 100 lbs you anarexic damn you
Heather: fuck you im fat
me: fine
by Risa April 16, 2003
A really preppy bitch who thinks she's all that so she dresses like a whore. But still in her preppy clothes. Maybe a shirt saying princess with a skirt up to her cooch. This girl would act preppy but slutty but would never even think of kissing a guy until at least the 5th date and has very strict rentals. If you see a girl that fits this description she usually sits straight up with her legs crossed and when trying to head bang just kind of nods her head with her back staying straight and somehow her neck straight the whole time also. It looks im possible but they do it.
That fucking prep whore thinks she is all that. I heard she wont even kiss her boyfriend and theyve been going out for like 2 months. What a fucing dilhole.
by Risa April 16, 2003
Any anal leakage that stains the underwear or is uncomfortably greasy.
"This hemorrhoid is making me have some serious croochie."

"Did you see that croochie stain on that guy's boxers?"
by Risa January 14, 2005
A girl who scams off other girls
In other words a lesbien.
Damn that fucking girl is such a girl scammer. I think that girl scammer might be bi.
by Risa April 16, 2003
the act of ignorin' rules or directions
Person #1: Billy, take out the garbage?
Person #2: Ma, i'm buckin'!!
by Risa April 08, 2004
1)A boi with alot of Girlfriends that KNOW about each other and don't mind

2)A girlpimpette with alot of Boifriends that KNOW about each other and don't mind

3)a name for someone

4)a decribtion of somthing
1)Mane that boy right there is big pimpin'

2)That girl over there is pimpin all these boys

3)Ay wassup pimpin',lemme holla at cha fo' a minute

4)person 1:mane sean paul car cute
person 2:no it;s not,now 50 cent car,that's pimpin'
by Risa January 31, 2004

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