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A derogatory (mean, rude) name for a ridiculously straight man. Often associated with trailer trash, Chumbo's tend to be womanizing, beer drinking, steak eating, american football watching heterosexists (homophobics).

This term is most often used by homosexuals and bisexuals, though can be used by any straight person who doesn't fall into a ridgid steroetype.
Vin Diesel is a Chumbo
by Lucithevampire July 08, 2006
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term derived from the words, wumbo and chum.
describes a person who is inept and clumsy.
Look at Chase, what a chumbo he is.
by ohhhaiii February 25, 2010
One who acts foolish inadvertently yet believes that they appear cool.
John thinks he is a good break dancer but he is really just being a chumbo.
by Geoff Stokar March 16, 2005

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