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A derogatory (mean, rude) name for a ridiculously straight man. Often associated with trailer trash, Chumbo's tend to be womanizing, beer drinking, steak eating, american football watching heterosexists (homophobics).

This term is most often used by homosexuals and bisexuals, though can be used by any straight person who doesn't fall into a ridgid steroetype.
Vin Diesel is a Chumbo
by Lucithevampire July 08, 2006
A ridiculously straight girl. It's not enough just to be straight, you have to love shopping malls and the colour pink. There are two kinds of Britney's, the kind who will end up in trailer parks married to Chumbos, and the posh-morning-latte ones who will be bussiness women. They enjoy heels and american eagle. The trailer trash variety love children and them on buses, and the posh variety hate kids and plan to never have any.
Hillary Duff is a Britney
by Lucithevampire July 14, 2006

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