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Phil Warner chugged his brains out!
by The Bile June 30, 2009
2 8
When you have had to much to drink out of the "Chuggler" Mug.
Dude, you are "Chugged"! Put down the "Chuggler"!

see: www.chuggler.com
by RCRXXX March 20, 2009
40 10
A drunken state as a consequence of 'avin' a chug.
Dave Punk Rock: "Airrrr, I'm pretty chugged, son."
by I'm a Willy February 01, 2008
30 10
When someone fund-raising manages to stop you in the street, draw your attention off to the side for a few seconds, long enough to coax your hands into their pockets and depositing some cash in a tin. You have been chugged - charity mugged. See chugging.
I was chugged by a chugger outside the tube today.
She chugged me at the bus stop with a pretty smile.
by madbungo July 10, 2009
7 8
to throw violently at someone or something. the act of throwing....not drinking
kevin chugged the volley ball at me in gym
by not kyles girlfriend May 02, 2008
1 13
to have been fucked in the ass by a gay man
by Anonymous May 01, 2003
9 27