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1. A chubby or overweight person, usually found with a twinkie in hand.
2. A horny fat bitch who cheats on her boyfriend.
3. Similiar to nublet when describing an annoying n00b who you suspect is fat.
4. A word stolen by Nick (slownick).
Erinzilla: I can't believe you posted out e-seckz on .
Matt: Stfu Chublet.
Erinzilla: -Cries him a river-
Matt: -Goes for a swim- GG CHUBLET!1!
by Matthew Larsen February 04, 2005
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chüblét - a man boob
chübléts - man boobs
cameron loved it when his princess would fondle his chübléts.
roanna loved a good set of chübléts on a man.
dave had his chübléts removed so his chest was more toned.
by luketh August 05, 2005
Someone who is choosing to be a nublet.
What the F<iretruck> is that, and why is it pwning me???
That's a rocket launcher, what does it look like, chublet?
by FyarBall January 20, 2008
1.Chubby, or over-weight, whinging bitch.
2.Small woody or hardon.
3.Fatter whinging bitch.
Chublet: Omgzzzz leik ur so hatful @ me
by slownick December 29, 2004
a really fat person. people always make fun of them and they are really annoying.
I saw a chublet who couldn't fit in a car because she was too fat.
by Laura Larse January 05, 2005

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