Christo is something said to a person to see if they're possessed by a demon.
If they are - their eyes should turn black.
P1: Christo.
P2's eyes turn all black.
P1 knows it's a demon.
by Ashemo November 02, 2007
Top Definition
a good looking guy who has a care free attitude but sometimes violent ,yet is still kind of sweet and loves to treat girls nice and has a big dick
My freind told me about a guy she wanted me to meet I don't like blind dates ,but he turned out to be a christo.
by tamygurl285 May 23, 2009
Also commonly known as The Greek, The Great, Bum Fucker,greek god or Crazy son of a bitch. Loves to party, loves big fat greek parties, loves women, makes love to women, women love christos. Kind, sympathetic, and always knows wut not to say, christos charms not only women, but other forms of life. Is very inviting and loves sports, soccer is the best cuz god put it in the commandments in fine print at the bottom. Also on the same level wit an Enzo, Christo and Enzo will rise one day to build an empire, one where everyone can be as great them.
Ey, Christos don hurt me plz, i love greeks
Ey,Christos, u noe my friend Jim? hes greek
Don pull a Christos, ur ass will be sore in the mornin (insert signature Christos laugh here)
by chris February 01, 2005
Christos is greek for Christ. However the main definition of Christos is a person in the game of Kings of Chaos who has been know to persuade many and is a prime example of perfection. Christos is very similar to the actual Christ in that he is a rebel and is leading people on the path to power and greatness.
Christos the great player of Kings of Chaos.
by Christos February 01, 2005
The breakfast of online kid who refuse to die.

In games such as halo 3, Call of duty 4 and many others.
Guy 1: Bro that guy ate his Christ-O's this morning !

Guy 2: Man i know i wish i had mine this morning.
by Randy-J September 12, 2009
One who has no hope. Usually has blue balls because pants to tight. One who has the nickname Deepthroater. Has no friends and no style. A person who buys his pants to tight to fit him appropiately.Most likely to make a mixtape with New Boys
O Christos...look for the rainbow boy with the small jeans
by LoverBoy1693 October 05, 2010
A gay man whore that has unprotected sex often, uses the fact he drives as a means to entice young boys and generally is a hoe and a half.
"So this guy was hitting on me but my friend told me before he was a Christo, so i told him i had didn't seem to deter him."
by Brandene August 28, 2006
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