The most amazing person to walk this earth. Talented and funny. Usually complaining about her hatred for the state of New Jersey. Total music junkie, and a perfect example of a best friend. And you can't forget the sexy locks of flowing red hair.
I just want to hold Christine in my arms tonight.
by sexpants June 20, 2008
A gorgeous and bubbly asian girl. One who is always in a good mood, laughs a lot, and lifts other's spirits. She has a smile on her face at all times and has what you would call the gift of "asian persuasion". One who has a weird aura (in some sense) around her, you can't explain it but she attracts toward her.
Boy One: I don't know what it is about this girl. I'm really falling for her, everything about her. I just don't know what it is.

Boy Two: Dude I know what you mean, I can't put my finger on it. I guess that's why they call her Christine.
by PseudoLOVER27 November 20, 2009
Can be a well-natured creature at times. Will react violently if angered. Does not tolerate outright rudeness. This creature likes to show off what its got. It does not like its hair to be pulled, even slightly, in this situation it will become angry and violent quickly. Will not be shown up by anybody, refuses to back down. The creature becomes vunerable when in a hungry state. Does not like narrow mindedness. Creature is good to look at though can become nervous and aggitated if stared at. Has been known to have mental problems. Don't mess with it, it will cut your limbs off.
by chissers January 14, 2010
is a rock 'n' roller, rescuer, is a 16 out of a hotness 1-10 gauge, better than all the woman you have known and every time you hear the name think of the Christine you let slip away. She's embedded in your heart for life, and your wife hates her.
wife- wanna watch that awesome 80's movie "christine"
YOU- (christine that chick i used to date who is hotter than my wife is even now?) Yeah I love that name..i mean uhhhh
by falandereer90 July 15, 2010
In Latin and French, the origin is "Follower of Christ" according to Nickelodean Parent's Connect where you can look up Baby Names. This is the definition I relate to most.
Christine is a follower of Jesus Christ.
by notashamed February 03, 2010
A demonicly posessed 1958 Plymouth Fury (from the Stephen King novel of the same title) that tries to help it's original owner return from death by bewitching a teen-aged outcast into becoming the host as well as killing all of his enemies and anyone else who attempts to interfere with "her" plans.
George LeBay: "*Her* name's Christine."

Arnie Cunningham: "I like that." -Christine the movie.
by T.Ractorhead December 03, 2006
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