The most amazing person to walk this earth. Talented and funny. Usually complaining about her hatred for the state of New Jersey. Total music junkie, and a perfect example of a best friend. And you can't forget the sexy locks of flowing red hair.
I just want to hold Christine in my arms tonight.
by sexpants June 20, 2008
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A deity; the best person to be in your corner; unlimited power and potential; a muse; someone that can change your life. Someone that takes your side even when you're wrong; soulmate; kismet; fortuitous; serendipity
If I only had Christine, I could do anything!
by Yarrrrr November 21, 2007
This person is very smart and GORGEOUS. She is very easily loved and very sweet. People are attracted by her loving and beautiful hair. When people hear her name they faint for love and jelously
Person 1: Hey I saw CHRISTINE the other day
Person 2: overhears *faints*
by Banana (purple) February 13, 2009
Christine from the word Christian, also from the Greek word Christos.
my name is Christine! with an 'E' not Christina with an 'A'! why do people always call me the one with the 'A'.
by oxcab August 10, 2006
Always beautiful. Usually a trap for the shy guys. However, most men do not attempt to approach this woman because her beauty and coolness are intimidating. The Christine is smoking hot and very friendly. Usually from California.
"check out that girl, is she a Christine??"
"no, her name's Vicky."
"oh...then f**k that sh**. let's get outta here and find ourselves some Christines."
"Hell to the yeah."
by JazzHands October 23, 2009
The name Christine is of French and English origin, meaning "follower of Christ" ;often very beautiful and out-going. They are easy to be around and have extraordinary senses of humor although they sometimes don't give themselves enough credit for it, they are very determined in what they wish to do, and when they set goals they reach them; they are caring and sympathetic to others, which allows them to help many people/give good advice, and people will often come to them for help. it is because of their brilliant personality that they have so many friends, and can make connections with many different people with personalities and beliefs that can greatly differ from their own. they are very down to earth and great imaginations, when you are with them you are sure to have an amazing time because of their intelligence and wit. they are also very honest and trustworthy, you can always go to them for unbiased opinions, and you can tell them anything without worrying about other people finding out; they are beautiful inside and out and if you are lucky enough to have one a a best friend, you'll never be the same because they will change you for the better, and its a definite that they'll be there forever. also they tend to have amazing hair that smells good... strange, really.
Christine is basically a brilliant human being.
by SunyFred August 11, 2011
1983 movie about the car that came alive and tore shit up. killed tons of people, and was an overall badass.
Hell hath no Christine.
by katrina t December 06, 2005
a name that is given to a girl (sometimes boy) at birth
my daughters name is christine
by anywit July 23, 2006

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