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A psychological disorder that affects millions of people around the globe. Symptoms include the belief in imaginary friends-- one of which is called "God". People affected by this disorder generally attempt to spread the disease by word of mouth to any people that are not deaf. People who have Christianitis are dualists who believe that the only correct information in the universe comes from a single book. This book was supposedly written by the primary imaginary friend called "God" and is based not on scientific fact but rather on fairy tales and fantasy. The characters described in this book, which people who have Christianitis believe to be factual beings, have life spans of several hundred years and are sometimes capable of rising from the dead. No, the characters are not zombies, they are portrayed as humans. Christianitis is now a pandemic and the only known cure is logic, reason, and science. However, most cases of Christianitis are too far developed to be cured.
George W. Bush, Pat Robertson, and many others have Christianitis.
by Mary Smoke February 19, 2007
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