Male, Actor, Secret ruler of the Galaxy.

First came on the scene in Steven Speilberg's "Empire of the Sun".

Best known for his portrayal of Patrick Bateman in Mary Harron's translation of "American Psycho", written by Brett Easton Ellis.

Lost over 60 pounds to play Trevor Reznik in "El Maquinista", endangering his chance of playing Batman in "Batman Begins", which he would film directly afterwards.

Revived the "Batman" franchise in 2005 (with some help from Cillian Murphy, Gary Oldman, Liam Neeson, and Ken Watanabe)in forementioned, "Batman Begins".

Is the best actor of the 21st century.(If you dont know that yet, you will soon ;)
"Yea that part in American Psycho where Christian Bale is chasing that hooker naked through the apartment building with a chainsaw is pretty sick... you wanna get the three for 5 at Domino's?"
by Herman Tiowish June 19, 2005
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A slang term referring to when a woman touches herself (masturbates).
I got home and she'd already Christian Baled herself.
by PatchZilla May 24, 2010
Called the "chameleon of his generation", he's basically one of the bloodiest best actors alive today. he can play an emaciated insomniac or a psychotic yuppie, and can even pull off wearing a bat suit. he can also pull off any accent in the english language. did i mention he is incredibly gorgeous? when he's not starving himself for his movies, that is.

Except on the internet, he's drastically underrrated and underexposed. Has major roles in Empire of the Sun, Batman Begins, American Psycho, the Prestige, Rescue Dawn, I'm Not There.
Christian Bale is not just way more orgasmic than Leo Dicaprio, he's also a much better actor. Not to mention he doesn't look like a little girl, despite being over 30.

If the world was fair, Christian Bale would have been nominated ten times for an Oscar by now.
by ceeceecee October 21, 2007
Easily one of the greater actors working today. Unlike Johnny Depp and other actors, Bale got his name from his acting skills, rather than his looks. His acting work as a child in Empire of the Sun was so superb that the National Board of Review added the category "Best Role Played By A Juvenile" to it's awards. He is known for getting insanely into his roles quite like another acting legend, Dustin Hoffman, most famously dropping 63 pounds to play a role in the small film The Machinst.
If you want to see acting at it's finest, rent a copy of All the Little Animals, Empire of the Sun, American Psycho, and The Machinst; you won't be disappointed.
by TheVoiceOfReason June 26, 2005
Best actor ever. He is talented enough to perform roles so diverse that go from the yuppie killer Patrick Bateman in American Psycho, passing through Batman and the junkie ex-boxer Dickie Englund in The Fighter, which gave him an Oscar.
When Christian Bale screams "Do I look like a cop!!!" in Batman Begins. Most badass line saying ever.
by Superpimp01 January 06, 2012
To dress up in a batman outfit and beat up your family members.
"fuck with me one more time and ima go christian bale 4real motherfucker!"
by Christian Bale77 August 16, 2009
Verb. To leave
Speen: Dude how was the party last night?
Al: It was a sausage fest man, I totally Christian Baled.
by poopy111 May 25, 2009
a byword for getting insanely pissed off and abusing someone/thing over a small matter. could be used as a threat etc.
All I said was "please pass the salt" and he jumped on me like christian bale on a cinematographer!

You touch my drink I'm gonna go christian bale on your ass, punk!
by anna246 February 07, 2009

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