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1. The luckiest motherfucker in history. A terrible poker player who inexplicably won the 2004 World Series of Poker. This ended up breaking the poker field wide open and introduced a new kind of fish, for which the poker world is eternally grateful.

2. Any terrible poker player who gets extraordinarily lucky.
Calling all-in on the turn with nothing but a flush draw? Who are you, Chris Moneymaker?
by the-jerk June 23, 2007
1. Oakley polarized sunglasses worn by the famous triple-chinned poker player, Chris Moneymaker.
2. Commonly worn to look "cool" and to coerce women into having sex.

Term originated in late 2004 after long hours spent watching the World Series of Poker.
"Did you see CB with those Chris Moneymakers on? He was gettin all the breezies at the club!"
by G January 21, 2005
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