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Something you say to assholes who just won't respect your authoritah.

One of Cartman's favorite expressions.
YOU: I'm not doing what you say.
ME: Respect my authoritah!
by the-jerk June 22, 2007
1. The luckiest motherfucker in history. A terrible poker player who inexplicably won the 2004 World Series of Poker. This ended up breaking the poker field wide open and introduced a new kind of fish, for which the poker world is eternally grateful.

2. Any terrible poker player who gets extraordinarily lucky.
Calling all-in on the turn with nothing but a flush draw? Who are you, Chris Moneymaker?
by the-jerk June 23, 2007
Leave me alone; quit bugging me.
Boss: Sit down and get back on the phone.
Employee: Jeez, get off the sack!
by the-jerk June 23, 2007
That little girl from "Firestarter" and "ET" who totally fucked up her life with drugs as, like, a 12-year old, then cleaned up her life and started making a lot of chick flicks (and Donnie Darko).
Drew Barrymore is hot, but she's so fucked up.
by the-jerk June 22, 2007
A somewhat talented actress who was in the original cast of Charlie's Angels and was really hot and had a hairstyle that a lot of women wanted. Was also on a very popular poster. She's almost Forrest Gump retarded.
Ah, memories. I used to blow a wad to my Farrah Fawcett poster every day.
by the-jerk June 22, 2007

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