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An Openly gay Youtube and Myspace personality. He filmed himself crying about Britney Spears in a video called "Leave Britney Spears Alone".
Chris Crocker: “Anyone who has a problem with her, you deal with me!”
by Vad3r September 13, 2007
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Youtube user whose instant internet celebrity status is mystifying. He posted a tearful video defending Britney Spears which was amusing for the first few views, but after the novelty wore off any sane person would get tired of "Chris Crocker this Chris Crocker that" and wish everyone would just shut the holy hell up.
Guy 1; "Hey I watched the Chris Crocker video"! It's funny!"
Guy 2; "Why?"
Guy 1; "Well he wears mascara and cries and he's obviously a drag queen!"
Guy 2; "Ha ha!"

*A week later*

Guy 3; "Hey I watched the Chris Crocker video"! It's funny!"
by Ghunt70 October 07, 2007
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A horrible, snaggle toothed, slimy faggot attention whore; has a shit ton of vids on youtube that no one should ever watch. All he does in these videos is bitch and moan about random shit.

The dude actually thinks he's a woman.
The dude has a video on youtube right now in which he actually cries thru the whole thing about people making fun of Britney's comeback on the VMAs. Get a life.

Chris Crocker was on the front page of Ebaum's World? Why are you encouraging him?

Every time I see Chris Crocker, I want to vomit.
by Reinhealdz September 13, 2007
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a flamingly gay teenage boy who honestly thinks he's a woman and who came into the public's eyes, unfortunately, via his infamous and unintentionally hilarious "leave britney alone!" youtube video in which he throws the most homosexual temper tantrum i've ever seen about people giving britney spears her well-deserved criticism. the awesome irony of this is that the kid doesn't even realize britney spears more than likely doesn't give a flying fuck about him and possibly even views him as a potential psychotic murder-suicide attempt. although the death of either would bring tears of happiness to millions worldwide.
chris crocker filmed himself making out with his brother in one of his videos and said "who cares about 9/11?" in another.

chris crocker is now famous for the same reasons people stop to stare at a car accident.

chris crocker is an embarrassment to britney spears fans (all 3 of them), to america, and to humanity in general.

by silly hats only September 22, 2007
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Gay teenage video blogger from Tennessee. Famous for his "Leave Britney Alone" video on Myspace and YouTube. Since the video, he has been seen on shows like TRL, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Maury, and FOX News. There are rumors that he's getting his own TV show soon.
Chris Crocker thinks his video blogs are so profound, but they're unoriginal and superficial and if you disagree with him he'll call you a homophobe.
by Rachel Van Doll September 20, 2007
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Chris Crocker is a youtube celebrifag...literally. He is a drag queen and claims to be the queen of ghetto. He became famous after his video on youtube called "Leave Britney Alone!" was released, where he defends Britney Spears from everyone's disgust towards her performance at the MTV VMA's 2007. He begins to cry during the taping of the video and claims to be authentic, though very questionable. He has appeared on the talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live where he furthers his arguement. He has become a youtube hit, spawning many parodies of the video.

Person: "what the hell are you?"
by Maz Vaz September 16, 2007
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An attention whore on youtube. (In his view), If you don't like him, you are obviuosly a homophobe; it couldn't have anything to do with the fact that he always bitches about stuff, said "who cares" about 9/11, and acts like a retard

Also the first heterophobe to exist. He wants gay rights and says he can't change who he is, but doesn't view being straight as an excuse for a boy to not date him. What a hypocrite.

Also, thinks that the world revolves around him because he is famous. What he doesn't realize is that most people watch his videos to make fun of him. (See video: Watch Chris Crocker Blink)

Then, he warns people that he will fuck them up if they talk to him like he is crazy. (Yeah right, he wouldn't do shit in a fight) and expects to be treated well.
Have you seen Chris Crocker? He is so annoying!
by 557 Vinto March 20, 2009
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