Chris Crocker is a safety in the National Football League who plays for the Miami Dolphins (as of April 2008). He spent his college years playing for the Marshall Thundering Herd, and was drafted with the 20th pick in the 3rd round by the Cleveland Browns in the 2003 NFL draft. He has slowly become a decent safety at the NFL, and has 7 interceptions in his 5 years in the NFL.
Chris Crocker is a hard-working safety who is a solid NFL starter; the guy on youtube doesn't deserve to get more attention sitting on his ass whining.
#chris crocker #nfl #football #safety #browns
by clevelandbrowns2008 April 27, 2008
Chris Crocker is a proudly gay cross-dressing YouTube blogger, (made famous by his highly melodramatic “Leave Britney Alone” vid) who had the potential to become a good video blogger once he attained fame, but somewhat sabotaged that chance by posting more over-dramatized, acted out rants about seemingly trivial matters which overshadow his ACTUAL GOOD videos. IMO, these definitions already listed on UD either blindly over-beat or over-praise Chris Crocker, so here’s my 2 cents.

A lot of the hate for Chris Crocker is to blame on first impressions of his less serious videos where he practically acts stupid, parades an elitist attitude and says wads of overzealous bullshit often in a ‘ghetto’ voice (perhaps, for attention?) But believe it or not, many of Chris’s more serious videos give out very worthy messages, because instead of ranting he looks at the bigger picture and comments very reasonably, down to earth and intelligently on social issues which affect many different people, and not only what he’s experiencing. His over-acted vids are laughable, and that’s what they should be seen as- not taken seriously as Chris’s honest views.
I'll give Chris Crocker credit for being his own person, but at times he seriously has to grow up.
#chris crocker #youtube #tranny #gay #haters #blogging #leave britney alone #individual
by R'Amen December 06, 2010
A you-tube celebrity that gives even gays a bad rap. Has also been known as the definition "freak".

He is not represented by the gay community in anyway shape or form due to his Flamer status he has achieved through his you-tube videos online.

He has achieved the worlds most hated position due to tantrums he's thrown on stage or in public. And has gained so much attention it is what is known as "Anti-Fame" much as the related term "anti-matter"

The only reason why people take the time out of their day is due to wanting a free shot or seven at cracking at this he-she's nut bag and busting its pee's in his peach fuzz sack.
On you tube you can add this at the end of the web address and look for yourself at his "stardom" at the first stages of how "Chris Crocker" gained his "Anti-Fame"

#chris crocker #flamer #munging #freak #annoying
by Imofftoseethewizard July 23, 2010
a gay dickmuncher.
"leave britney alone!!"-chris crocker
#gay #chris #crocker #retard #fag
by ihatehriscrocker January 24, 2009
A faggot homosexual blonde haired dude who posts video's on youtube and myspace about his crazy weird ass life.
"dude I saw that chris crocker kid......what a fuckin tool"
#fag #homo #weird #ass #douch
by Dragon boy Swede September 15, 2007
Chris Crocker is a over-effimanite ''man'' on youtube. She was thrown into youtube celebrity status from his leave britney alone vid.
''I just asked a really hot woman out'' said guy A

''What's her name'' said guy B

''Chris Crocker'' said guy A
#your #mum #rates #me #chris
by yamumratesme December 31, 2011
A ploy from actor Seth Green to start an internet meme and generate a buzz.
I should pull a Chris Crocker and generate a buzz.
#leave #britney #alone #chris #crocker
by SnagglePussy March 20, 2008
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