An openly gay young man who most likely has schizophrenia, ADHD, or some other mental illness and needs constant supervision. Also probably the funniest guy on youtube. Most known for his emotional outburst following Britney Spears' God-awful performance at the VMAs, where he begged everyone who cares to listen to "LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!!"
Chris Crocker seems like a fun gay. I'd go clubbing with him.
by Kirbiet October 25, 2007
A faggish attention whore tranny boy who only cares about an unfit mother rather to care about starving children in Africa dying every 3 seconds.
My teachers hate him so much that they banned us from seeing videos of him in school! He is just a 20 year old loser who still lives with his grandparents. Don't they ever stop and think "What is our grandson doing in our basement"?
My mother hates this guy so much that she turned to me and asked "Is that a man or a woman". I said "A boy/girl".
This dude thinks that he is a woman!

This, everyone is an example of why kids should not do drugs
Chris Crocker(looking like a tranny) : Alright, yall don't be knowin' tha jam, so this is da jam, right hairstyle!

(dances to Danity Kane's "Damage" in a faggish way, singing horribly trying to take off his clothes)

Chris Crocker : Danity Kane Damaged.
by lill keke June 13, 2008
A hilarious gay Youtube star. Became famous after his 'Leave brittany alone!' Video, in which he cryed and yelled at brittany haters, who were bashing brittany's VMA comeback performance. Honestly thinks he's female. Usually draws disgust from viewers, but also draws laughter.
Public enemies with Perez Hilton.
Person 1 (Chris fan): Did you see Chris Crocker's new video on youtube?
Person 2: Yeah, what a flamer.
Person 1: I'm gay.
Person 2: Ew, wtf??
Person 1: -Kills person 2-
by orgasmicforyogos May 12, 2008
A gay myspace celebrity. Who happends to be a cross dresser, and makes tons of videos for youtube and myspace on how he feels about certain topics.
In other words: He's real.
Chris Crocker: Bitch please!
by becca182xxx October 12, 2007
a young man who is witty, smart and who is loving and carefree. An inspiration to those who want to be individuals. Someone who is not afraid to be themselves no matter what negative attention he may get.
chris crocker
by blu03 December 18, 2009
Chris is a proud gay youtuber whom acts in all his videos apart from his "leave britney alone" video which is how he got famous. All of the people who slag him off are stupid and homophobic, Chris Crocker is just letting out his opinion and there's idiots just slagging him off for no reason.
homophobe "err chris crocker is so gay for talking about britney"

me "shut the hell up you ignrant idiot"
by AcidicAnnie December 30, 2008
The New Christ a.k.a. The coolest video blogger alive. This dude not only has fabulous hair and millions of fans for you to be jealous of, but he is SMART and fashionable. He's a loyal Britney fan. So there. Be jealous. Go down some haterade and be a fattie. Chris Crocker will still pwn.
C: Omg, did you see the new Chris Crocker video?

C: YEA! HE IS AWESOME! I love his hairflip! Betch please!
by CALL ME, CHRIS September 19, 2007
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