An attention whore on youtube. (In his view), If you don't like him, you are obviuosly a homophobe; it couldn't have anything to do with the fact that he always bitches about stuff, said "who cares" about 9/11, and acts like a retard

Also the first heterophobe to exist. He wants gay rights and says he can't change who he is, but doesn't view being straight as an excuse for a boy to not date him. What a hypocrite.

Also, thinks that the world revolves around him because he is famous. What he doesn't realize is that most people watch his videos to make fun of him. (See video: Watch Chris Crocker Blink)

Then, he warns people that he will fuck them up if they talk to him like he is crazy. (Yeah right, he wouldn't do shit in a fight) and expects to be treated well.
Have you seen Chris Crocker? He is so annoying!
by 557 Vinto March 20, 2009
A gay cross dresser man who is famous for defending Britney Spears' bad VMA performance on a youtube video titled Leave Britney Alone!.
Chris Crocker: (talking like a black woman and crying) And how fucking dare anyone talk bad about Britney, after all she's been through... Leave Britney Spears alone right NOW. I mean it!... All you people want is MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE!!! -crying-... LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!! -sobbing at this point-
by eleanorrigby March 12, 2008
A homosexual who has no trust for straight people. I wouldn't have hated him, nor many else, but his statement "Do I like straight people? Yes. Because I love mythical creatures! BECAUSE STRAIGHT PEOPLE AREN'T REAL!" changed everything.
Chris Crocker is an extreme-o uber fag. He is the reason homosexual became gay -- which means happy, or weird; Also who homosexual became queer -- which means weird.
by jewel! November 16, 2007
A gay preacher posting his videos on MySpace and YouTube. Many of his videos are of him talking about todays society and some of them are even of him dancing and singing
Chris Crocker's MySpace is

His YouTube account is

by haf953 July 22, 2007
A man who single-handedly set gay people back a thousand years.
Person 1: Hey, that guy's gay!
Person 2: Chris Crocker is gay too!
Person 1+2: GET HIM!!!
by felel November 01, 2008
Me: Who the hell is Chris Crocker?
Other guy: No idea, some fag on youtube or something.
by dayyyyyym August 12, 2008
A word used to describe a total fag. Named after total fag, Chris Crocker, who is a boy who thinks he is a ghetto girl who talks about Britney Spears.
"Leave Britney Alone!"-Chris Crocker talk.
by Anonymous PiMP March 17, 2008
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