thank you, widnes term, (uk)
yet another expression of gratitude, also see 'chibs' and 'chibs chabs chobs'
"give me a beer, pat."
"here mark"
by mark n pat September 10, 2003
Top Definition
Any of several adjectives and nouns, including name of Kevin "Choz" Costello. First created after homecoming 06' by Mickey Rowan stating "Gay Choz". Now used in many different situations.
Yo "choz" what's up
Suck a "choz"
My "choz" itches.
Quit "chozzing".
by Mickey Rowan January 20, 2007
Choz has two meanings. One: To kiss, french kiss or just make out. Two: To eat
One: Wow dude, did you hear those two chozzing last night?
Two: Bro, i think we should go grip some choz later
by zd99 April 22, 2012
Gak / Gear / Chozzy - Slang for nosebag.
Hey Sammy - let's bang a big load of Choz down our hooters -Ok Pat, we'll text Biggins too and try and get him over. Biggins loves the choz train. But let's not tel Lauren, she'll go potty if she finds out that Sam has done a load of choz
by Christopher Biggins May 06, 2008
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