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Home to the Widnes Vikings

First team to beat Warrington Wolves at their new ground and that will go down in history
Stick that in your pipe and smoke it wire scum
by Jay June 10, 2004
A small working-class industrial town situated on the better side of the River Mersey.Often referred to as smelly widnes, however nowadys outsiders entering widnes experience the smell from factories bordering the neighbouring towns,not actually widnes.

Also home to Widnes RLFC "The Chemics" now formerly known as The Widnes Vikings, one of only 9 clubs to win the World Club Challenge

The better of the local North West towns to live in.
I`d rather live in smelly Widnes than runcorn which is full of plastic scousers and smackheads
I`d rather live in Widnes than wanky warrington full of wire chavs and bleached hair bunny boilers
I`d rather live in Widnes than inbred st.helens full of halfwit pie eatin wannabe`s
by wool dog February 05, 2011
Home of the Widnes Vikings; a smelly place thanks to ICI.
"I can't believe we went to smelly Widnes and lost to the Vikings
by Anne Onymus September 30, 2003
a smelly industrial town with a high population of crack and smack heads thanks to being resided next to runcorn. Also home to the widnes vikings who luckily survived another season.
1)Man,stay away from widnes full of crackheads.
2)Widnes Vikings 0 Runcorn under 11's 67
by my name isnt important September 29, 2004
a small town in the northwest, i call it a shithole myself as 3/4 of its population are either addicted to crack or live on the street,

rosie "fod" o'connor from widnes = fit
by alan cunningham May 21, 2008
baisically its a small shity town wid nothin 2 offer except 1 club n a bar, o n lets not forget the awful chippy.
widnes very own pauls chippy, sucks ass
by helen g October 20, 2006
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