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A meeting of the minds, business or casual, where food is served.
My boss called a lunchtime chow-wow, but we all went into food coma before anything got accomplished.
by GerberPoulin June 09, 2009
A rare bread of dog that looks remarkable similar to the chow-chow, however isn't.

The Chow-wow breed was first recognized as a breed in 1943. The bread is the mix between an Irish Pit-bull and a Italian Sheepdog. Known for loyalty and bravery, yet the Chow-wow has a terrible memory. They will often forget there masters and go on a mass hunting spree.

Known for aggression, and have been reported as man killers. Also nocturnal and has an acute sense of smell.
OhHH my GODDD, that Chow-wow just bite my arm off!!!!

Look, mom! Its a Chow-wow!!! Can we keep him pleaseeeee?

Hey lady! Control your Chow-wow!

Someone get this Chow-wow off of me!!
by iheartmyChowWOW96 January 02, 2010
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