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A crappy school in a crappy neighborhood. Teachers such as Ms. Bingham, Mr. Page, Mrs. Evans and the like make it even worse. If you are considering attending OIS than I suggest you go ahead and commit suicide, because you'll want to after you're there for a month anyway.
Gee, we're all so rich, why don't the toilet stalls have doors that work? Hmm.
by Class of '05 March 25, 2005
Most likely the worst school on earth! If the hallways were any smaller bacteria wouldn't even be able to get through!
It costs so much to go to this school but no one has any idea where the money goes because the school is shit!
by Jim January 17, 2004
A piece of SHIT!

The only good memories from that school are the memories of us demolishing that fucking place to bits!
Man i hate OIS its a shite hole
by sdvgfjytrdrgfesgeh November 30, 2003
Short for Optical Image Stabiliser. A system in digital photography, astronomical telescopes, videography or binoculars which increases the stability of an image and reduces the blurs.
Panasonic is the first manufacturer to have successfully incorporated Optical Image Stabiliser (OIS) into its compact cameras.
by fokuz December 03, 2008
short for Oslo international school or obnoxious ignescent school
OIS is a gay POS school with a big cock
by fatmike February 12, 2003

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