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A drunk, irresponsible, irritating and repulsive male of Scandinavian decent. Chovy's can be easily spotted: they often wear green, stare at their own ass and go canoeing at 3:30am.

If you see a Chovy don't despair - you'll rarely see one out after 10:00 pm more than two nights in a row. Should you come across one of these hideous creatures; back up very slowly and return to the cottage.

Synonyms: Turbo, Ass Muncher
"God, did I pull a Chovy at the Pump House Pub last night. I haven't acted that stupid since Greenwater."

"Oh great! Someone stole the crabs from my trap. What a F****** Chovy that guy must have been"
by Joe from Chelan March 31, 2008
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