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The coolest kid on the block! Is the most handsome boy you'll ever meet. Can make anyone laugh. Lights up a room with his beautiful smile.
That guy is a real Sylas.
by Skin99 February 04, 2010
103 21
See you later alligator
by Anonymous March 15, 2003
12 9
An up and coming rock band from Missouri
Man, Sylas kicks ass.
by Joe December 14, 2003
19 24
An up and coming band from Davie County, North Carolina that...well, they seriously suck. Yea, like, awful high-schooler music. It's pure shit.
Wow, Sylas sure can rock those fourteen year olds.
by Whooooo January 28, 2004
10 33
some kid from Ethiopia that gained 40 pounds and got brain surgery.
"You fuckin dumbass, don't pull a Sylas."
by dipshit March 28, 2003
16 43
Big fat fucker with 100 chins and a ghetto ass and tits that flop up and down when he runs.
Sylas got back.
by sigmond May 01, 2003
25 53