Mr. Colin Bennett himself
The one and only Mr. Colin Bennett in the flesh
by Mr. Bajiggity April 09, 2005
To exemplify the actions of Brett Sullivan
That kid is such a chotch! He reminds me of Brett.
by matt February 01, 2005
A stupid sorority sister
Girl, why are you being such an f'ing chotch?
by SigKapK October 21, 2003
The penis, NOT the balls. Also, a common term for someone being an ass in the state of Colorado.
How do you hurt a guy? Give him a good chotch shot.
When we were boarding at Winter Park that fucker Nick was being a real chotch.
by Rob March 19, 2004
Sorry, you guys are confusing "Chotch" with dushbag ect..
Chotch is just another name for cocaine, blow, nosecandy, yolonda ect..
Who's got the Chotch?
Tim Allen is the Chotch-Master.
Damn!! this Chotch is fire.
by Chotch Guru February 24, 2004
Female genitalia. Usually used in casual conversation, rather than in a sexual way.
My chotch is kinda itchy today
by Toebone May 08, 2005
The word chotch may be used to describe someone who has a cheesy or chotchy mustashe.
That guy is such a chotch with that shitty mustashe.
by Kevin November 18, 2004

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