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It is hard to define chorp... one can only understand it through use and experience. It is most commonly used as a noun but can also take the form of a verb or an adjective.
"It's chorp!"
"C'est... Chorp!"
"What a chorp."
by tyler January 20, 2004
To have sex with a midget with no legs.
"Man, I just chorped the shit out of her!"

"Do you chorp often?"

by keegan mackinnon September 26, 2008
(v.) to take a dump in the toilet, close the lid and fail to flush, with the intention of making your roommates and/or house guests gag when they find it later.
"Can I use your upstairs bathroom instead? Somebody totally chorped down here."
by GottaPeeeeee February 27, 2009
1) mundane task
2) trite phrase
1) i hate doing my chorps
2) "don't judge a book by its cover"? that's so chorp
by Jeffrey Ye April 16, 2008