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To have sex with a midget with no legs.
"Man, I just chorped the shit out of her!"

"Do you chorp often?"

by keegan mackinnon September 26, 2008
(v.) to take a dump in the toilet, close the lid and fail to flush, with the intention of making your roommates and/or house guests gag when they find it later.
"Can I use your upstairs bathroom instead? Somebody totally chorped down here."
by GottaPeeeeee February 27, 2009
1) mundane task
2) trite phrase
1) i hate doing my chorps
2) "don't judge a book by its cover"? that's so chorp
by Jeffrey Ye April 16, 2008
It is hard to define chorp... one can only understand it through use and experience. It is most commonly used as a noun but can also take the form of a verb or an adjective.
"It's chorp!"
"C'est... Chorp!"
"What a chorp."
by tyler January 20, 2004
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