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'Chopsing' is a Welsh slang term for arguing or saying disrespectful things to someone:

Person 1: "Oh he is chopsing to you mind,"
Person 2: "I know, I'll just chops back like"
by Elizabeth-Hailie October 02, 2009
The act of getting black-out drunk and proceeding to spit saliva and blowing mucus onto one's chest and then rubbing said saliva-mucous mixture into one's chest hair with the t-shirt one is wearing.
"Man, Alex drank WAY too much! He's already Chops-ing. Dude is freaking everyone out. Sometimes dudes gotta Chops."
by Tito7777 February 05, 2014
Talking incessantly or for an extended period.
Is he still chopsing to his mates? That boy has more chops than Sainsburys!
by Buxom_Monkey April 06, 2012
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