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'Chopsing' is a Welsh slang term for arguing or saying disrespectful things to someone:

Person 1: "Oh he is chopsing to you mind,"
Person 2: "I know, I'll just chops back like"
by Elizabeth-Hailie October 02, 2009
Talking incessantly or for an extended period.
Is he still chopsing to his mates? That boy has more chops than Sainsburys!
by Buxom_Monkey April 06, 2012
The act of getting black-out drunk and proceeding to spit saliva and blowing mucus onto one's chest and then rubbing said saliva-mucous mixture into one's chest hair with the t-shirt one is wearing.
"Man, Alex drank WAY too much! He's already Chops-ing. Dude is freaking everyone out. Sometimes dudes gotta Chops."
by Tito7777 February 05, 2014