Fucked/messed up
*Boyfriend sneaks girlfriend in his house.
Aunt sees the girlfriend.
Gf: Damn babe you choked..
by danniellajoy April 15, 2011
to smoke good weed
maine this shit ani't no boogie grass where going to be "chokin". or lets go "choke" as in get high, let get choked out!
by jumpshot money September 19, 2009
1. Cherry Coke

2. New York Yankees

3. The official soft drink of the New York Yankees

4. When you fuck up so bad that the only way to redeem yourself is to go into hiding. Or suicide, but choose the first one. Please.
1. Guy: What you want?
Buddy: Gimme a Choke.

2. Yankees

3. Works every time

4. Uno: Fuck man...I got a 27 on my Pre-Al test.
Dos: Way to choke.
by zomgwtflolbbq May 01, 2007
the offical drink of miami football
Wow, did Miami drink some choke because they lost again.
by uvasuxbutistilllikethem September 28, 2006
i dont really know, can you guys email me wen u get da answer
50 cent: "This flow's been mastered, the ice I flash it
Chokes me, I'll have your mama picking out your casket, bastard"
by raul November 21, 2003
To Choke, to have Choked or Choking is to lose one's composure and fail to perform effectively in a critical situation.

In the world of Rugby Union this term is commonly used during the Rugby World Cup in reference to the New Zealand Rugby team or "All Blacks".
Choke 1 - 1991: Semi-final, Dublin, L 16-6
Aged team done in cold blood by Australia. David Campese's finest moment, with Tim Horan not far behind.

Choke 2 - 1995: Final, Johannesburg, L 15-12
Looked superb going into the final but failed to fire against a Nelson Mandela-inspired South Africa. Then tried to blame a hotel waitress for poisoning them.

Choke 3 - 1999: Semi-final, London, L 43-31
Relied too heavily on Jonah Lomu to build a lead and were then blitzed by an inspired France in an epic at Twickenham.

Choke 4 - 2003: Semi-final, Sydney, L 22-10
Stroppy and unapproachable for most of the tournament, New Zealand went into their shells and played like drains against Australia.

Choke 5 - 2007: Quarter-final, Cardiff, L 20-18
Froze against a clever but hardly vintage French side. Big names failed to deliver, little leadership and tactically inept.
by Dr J0nes October 15, 2007
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