When one becomes hungry while they are intoxicated or messed up by any drug, and then attempts to eat but has trouble doing any process involved in eating, including getting the food into their mouth, chewing, or swallowing, because of their current intoxication.
Dave: Why does Mark have spaghetti all over him?
Susanne: Oh, it's okay. He just has the chokes.


Erica had to perform the heimlich maneuver on me last night, after I smoked and then tried to eat pretzels.
by KocoOcco March 23, 2011
a vast ammount of something, lots, mucho. often accompanied with kine after it.
-No I'm no' beefin. I got choke love foa you bruddah.
-Brah, I hate Palini. Choke Kine.
by Alekanekelo July 07, 2008
a pidgin (slang) word commonly used in Hawaii to describe something that there is a lot of.
ho cuz, theres choke haoles at the beach today!

there was choke food at the banquet
by the808translator August 08, 2012
The art of losing a cricket game from a winning position, due to being unable to handle mental pressure. Mastered by the South African Cricket Team.
South Africa choked hard against New Zealand.
by hobonumber1 March 25, 2011
What the Boston Red Sox had done in the playoffs from 1918 until 2004.
The Sox might have won in 2004 but before that all they could do was choke.

World Series Score Sheet
Boston: 6
New York Yankees: 26
by bballfreak October 22, 2007
the high pitch crazy scream you hear from emo/screamo bands.
man buddy can sing AND choke too! thats crazy.
by StellarDoor September 11, 2006
To lose or draw a game of any sport, that you should have clearly won at any point in the game.
The Collingwood football club choked in the 2010 AFL premiership grand final, when they were winning the game for almost two hours.
by Micky5000 September 25, 2010

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