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Ottawa Senators NHL Hockey Team. They have gained the moniker "chokes" due to their great regular seasons, but repeated failures in the playoffs despite being favourites, mostly losing to the Toronto Maple Leafs.
Damn those chokes lost to the Leafs again in the playoffs!
by HiVolt April 11, 2007
A cigarette or pack of cigarettes.
I need to go buy me a pack of chokes.
by Hyde43 December 21, 2005
Something you may or may not do in front of a crowd. You may often feel like there is something caught in your throat. It may often be the fact that your stupidity has bunched up down there. Or possibly the fact that you never did finish the meal you had about an hour ago. Either way, when you choke, it shows you're an idiot.
Old Man Said: I hope you choke on that.

Now I do not know why my example is an old man. He has nothing to do with this conversation and never will. But still, we will all cherish the memory of him being thought of as rudely hoping for someone to choke. Don't we all appreciate that about old men? Yes, i believe we do. Cherish this. Forever.
by .amy.dillo. July 20, 2008
Hole on a piece usually on a glass bowl... held then let go once u start sucking in smoke.
"Dude let go of the choke."
by Ann August 16, 2004
1) What the 2007 New England Patriots did in Super Bowl XLII.

2) The act of losing a big sports game when you are expected to win it, due to having prior wins and/or the odds in your favor.
1) The Pats choked in the Super Bowl and lost to the Giants. Bill Belichick walked off the field with time left on the clock. So much for 19-0.

2) Did you see Tom Brady last night? What a choke artist!
by Patssuck November 01, 2008
To make an attempt to steal something.

Another word for Aah Ha!!!
I Choked Mr. Martin Cell Phone today.

Mr. Martin: "I lost my cell phone"
Me: "Chokes" LOL
by Antwon A.K.A. Twon December 02, 2003
When one becomes hungry while they are intoxicated or messed up by any drug, and then attempts to eat but has trouble doing any process involved in eating, including getting the food into their mouth, chewing, or swallowing, because of their current intoxication.
Dave: Why does Mark have spaghetti all over him?
Susanne: Oh, it's okay. He just has the chokes.


Erica had to perform the heimlich maneuver on me last night, after I smoked and then tried to eat pretzels.
by KocoOcco March 23, 2011