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Any extremely annoying or overwhelmingly dumb person, a wannabe, a douche bag, or basically any other asshole there is.
"That wannabe skater kid at lunch was such a choit. He tried to start a fight over a seat."
by Anti-Choit Revolutionary January 07, 2010
a choit is a run of the mill douche bag. It can be any type of race or person in particular but they have to give off a real douchebag vibe.
Some traits found in a Choit are as follows:
1. snotty
2. obnoxious
3. loud
4. thinking they are bad ass but really stupid skater kids
5. freshman who think they are the shit but are actually 5'4 and weigh 100lbs
6. freshman who try and fight a senior
7. kids who usually have small penises
8. kids who just fail in general
9. kids who are about to have there asses beat
10. politicians

Choit is pronounced like chuh-oit
Coming from a french verb
'wow did you see that kid try and call out that senior and almost get his ass beat?' 'LMAO! I did what a freakin choit!'
by Daisuke-san January 07, 2010
The sound a penis make when cum comes
out of a dick
at the climax of ejaculation i choited
by Noah February 29, 2004
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