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noun: A trophy car driven by pretentious douchebags (chodes) who want to show it off. This applies to giant gas-guzzlers, pimp rides, and uber-expensive "green cars." If the car is not being actively flaunted, this definition doesn't apply.
Look, there's Old Man Caruthers in his Hummer. What a chodemobile.

Douche: "Hey, guys, check out my Prius. It gets waaay better mileage than your cars."
Guy (to other guy): "Yeah, but it's a chodemobile.
by Girouette September 12, 2008
A small, stumpy, run down car designed to barely fit a crew of chode like individuals. A chode mobile can usually be distinguished by having a smell of extreme chode B.O., ripped up car seats, and atleast one broken door handle.
Hey Geezychode, the chode crew wants lunch, can we take the Chode Mobile.

Muffin will drive your chode Mobile.
by kermup December 14, 2007
1: A Scion Xb
2: Any tricked out rice-burner driven by a chode. Gays are exempt.

1. Why do you drive such a chodemobile? It's embarrassing.
2. Look at the chode driving that Scion Xb. Oh, never mind, I think he's gay.
by Ivan Stratego June 10, 2006
a car that looks like a chode or as gay as a chode and usually the driver is a chode.
robbin:hey batman there is a crime going on

batman:to the chode mobile
by DARKNESS DIVINE666 February 11, 2011
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