Please, people--chode or choad is a multipurpose word which refers primarily to:

a) A penis which is wider than it is long (it is most certainly anatomically possible, for I have seen one for myself--it is not likely to be a common occurrence, but it certainly exists).

b) A duplicate term for the taint (perineum).

c) A fabulous insult combining the insultative power of both shades of meaning above.
a) "Holy Shit!!! The chode is real! It exists! I saw it with my own eyes! the hell can he have meaningful sex with that???"

b) "After that marathon, I had to use an abrasive to remove my chode scum because the bath just didn't do the job."

c) "Dude, that kid complements the professor so much it makes me sick--he's such a chode-slurper!"
by loki7 June 21, 2006
(1)The skin between your balls and ass
(2)The type of person who contributes to 80 pages of Chode definitions as though they have something relative to add which has not already been stated
I, along with 550 or so people, are a bunch of total chode(s).
by Some Choad October 20, 2010
Chode, also spelt choad, is a variant of the word choda (penis) which comes from the Hindi word (chodna). Chodna simply means to fuck. The word chode however is what is known as a neologism. This is a word that is newly acknowledged but has not been in circulation long enough or widely enough for its social status to be determined. As it stands, the word chode has three major definitions.
1) A short, fat penis that is wider than it is longer
2) The area between the scrotum/vagina and the anus.
3) A derogatory term used to insult somebody.
1) Ducas has a fat chode.
2) Last night your mom tongued my chode.
3) Quit being such a chode.
by ducas June 05, 2007
A socially-impaired individual, particularly afraid of approaching and engaging in conversation with women he's attracted by; a wimp, wussy, lovable loser, chump, man lacking personality and social skills, very attached to the outcome of a pick-up attempt.
Donovan is such a chode, standing there with his drink, he should just go talk to those girls.

Don't be a chode, be a champ.

Instead of trying to remember pick-up routines and failing like a chode, he should just go have fun.
by Thracius April 05, 2009
a penis that has a greater girth than length

like this 8IID
rather than this 8===D
DAMN!!! Lester's chode looks like a stack of 4 mini pancakes!
by T-Mart16 April 22, 2008
(n.)1. Male body part located between the scrotum and the anus.

(n.)2. Extremely lame guy.
1. Lick my chode.

2. That guy is such a chode.
by Jasmine Mestisa July 21, 2005
It is when a the circumference of the penis exceeds its length when it is erect. It is quite rare and very unattractive. Short Fat People ussually have chodes as peoples penises ressemble their body.

normal penis 8====D
chode penis 8=D
"i saw rogers chode and his knob was as big as the rest of his penis"
"jimmy could not fuck jenny as his chode was too fat to penetrate her"
by t3h1337h4xx0r September 18, 2006
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