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An omniscient, all powerfull deity. If you abuse his sacred name, he will instantly appear and remove you of your manhood.
Dude, I swear that our science teacher is the Chode Monger!
by ChiBearsFan5423 May 09, 2010
Some one who sells chode
Christian is a chode monger
by Eric Hunt April 12, 2007
Someone who deals with, is surounded by, and possibly sells chode. (Same concept as a fishmonger.)
You filthy chodemonger!
by Apathy February 01, 2004
A 5-10 year old kid who talks shit on the internet
Yesterday this chodemonger wouldn't shut the fuck up until his mom walked in
by Brian and scott June 11, 2008
a person who acts like a chode
Stop being such a code monger, you dumbass
by Sam January 30, 2005
A girl who is too pussy to take a huge dick and only settles for chodes
Jenny: Is she gonna have sex with Jamal?
Martha: Nah, she's too much of a chode monger
by Jihad_Unit April 06, 2008
One who sells or deals in chodes
Your such a fucking chode monger
by moocow547 October 12, 2006