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An omniscient, all powerfull deity. If you abuse his sacred name, he will instantly appear and remove you of your manhood.
Dude, I swear that our science teacher is the Chode Monger!
by ChiBearsFan5423 May 09, 2010
A cross between a Mexican and a Somolian. The ultimate super criminal. Has the ability to steal Like a Mexican and run like a Somolian.
My bike was stolen yesterday! Damn Meximolians!
by ChiBearsFan5423 May 10, 2010
Under sized male organ disorder
I bet Chandler has U-mod, he is always bitchen.
by ChiBearsFan5423 May 26, 2010
A large amount of black man's semen
Dude it Chocolate rained all over me last night
by ChiBearsFan5423 May 26, 2010

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